Final Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls Bestiary

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Here is a complete Bestiary of every creature found in the world of Final Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls. They will be in image form accompanied by my text on where you may find them in the game (this will feature at the bottom of the picture gallery). If you wish to add anything please email me or comment below. Enjoy!

Number 001 – Goblin:

Number One - Goblin

Number 002 – Goblin Guard:

Number Two - Goblin Guard

Number 003 – Wolf:

Number Three - Wolf

Number 004 – Crazy Horse:

Number Four - Crazy Horse

Number 005 – Skeleton:

Number Five - Skeleton

Number 006 – Black Widow:

Number Six - Black Widow

Number 007 – Gigas Worm:

Number Seven - Gigas Worm

Number 008 – Warg Wolf:

Number Eight - Warg Wolf

Number 009 – Werewolf:

Number Nine - Werewolf

Number 010 – Zombie:

Number Ten - Zombie

Number 011 – Ghoul:

Number Eleven - Ghoul

Number 012 – Garland:

Number Twelve - Garland

Number 013 – Cobra:

Number Thirteen - Cobra

Number 014 – Ogre:

Number Fourteen - Ogre

Number 015 – Ogre Chief:

Number Fifteen - Ogre Chief

Number 016 – Lizard:

Number Sixteen - Lizard

Number 017 – Pirate:

"Not your typical butt pirate"

Number 018 – Sahagin:

The Silurians were tired of being penniless

Number 019 – Sahagin Chief:

Number Nineteen - Sahagin Chief

Number 020 – Buccaneer:

He was proud to call himself an overglorified pirate

Number 021 – Shark:

An overgrown Tuna fish

Number 022 – Bigeyes:

This is what happens when a stoner sees something spooky

Number 023 – Tarantula:

Number Twenty Three - Tarantula

Number 024 – Ghast:

He was late for his audition on "Scooby Doo"

Number 025 – Scorpion:

Number Twenty Five - Scorpion

Number 026 – Shadow:

He fancied himself as the Grim Reaper

Number 027 – Green Slime:

This is why you should never eat your greens

Number 028 – Crawler:

"I couldn't quite hear what the wurm was shouting about"

Number 029 – Gray Ooze:

Number Twenty Nine - Gray Ooze

Number 030 – Gargoyle:

They thought that they would get stoned later and have a good laugh

Number 031 – Bloodbones:

Noone's tickling his funny bone!

Number 032 – Piscodemon:

Number Thirty Two - Piscodemon

Number 033 – Astos:

Noone told him that the battle was already over...

Number 034 – Mummy:

Daddy went out to fetch supper

Number 035 – Wraith:

the hooded thug swiftly earned himself an ASBO

Number 036 – Anaconda:

this one's no 'snake-in-the-grass'

Number 037 – Hyenadon:

This time, nobody was laughing

Number 038 – Lesser Tiger:

This is what Diego from Ice Age gets up too in his spare time

Number 039 – Minotaur:

He was no longer confined to his prison of a Labrynth

Number 040 – Hill Gigas:

The hills have eyes... and so does this Gigas!

Number 041 – Earth Elemental:

Number Forty One - Earth Elemental

Number 042 – Troll:

Thinking about his life, he just couldn't bare it any longer

Number 043 – Wight:

Number Forty Three - Wight

Number 044 – Ochre Jelly:

the Orange flavoured jelly decided to bite back

Number 045 – Cockatrice:

Their favourite show is 'Birds of a Feather'...

Number 046 – Vampire:

He decided it was about time he got a tan...he later regretted that idea

Number 047 – Ogre Mage:

Number Forty Seven - Ogre Mage

Number 048 – Sphinx:

Number Forty Eight - Sphinx

Number 049 – Lich:

Number Forty Nine - Lich

Number 050 – Ankheg:

Number Fifty - Ankheg

Number 051 – Piranha:

Number Fifty One - Piranha

Number 052 – Red Piranha:

Number Fifty Two - Red Piranha

Number 053 – Crocodile:


Number 054 – White Croc:

Number Fifty Four - White Croc

Number 055 – Ochu:

Not your average weed...

Number 056 – Neochu:

The weed problem has become critical!

Number 057 – Hydra:

Mayhap a mutated eel...?

Number 058 – Horned Devil:

Number Fifty Eight - Horned Devil

Number 059 – Pyrolisk:

This bird has a warm heart

Number 060 – Fire Elemental:

Number Sixty - Fire Elemental

Number 061 – Fire Hydra:

Number Sixty One - Fire Hydra

Number 062 – Lava Worm:

Worm. Armageddon.

Number 063 – Hellhound:

Number Sixty Three - Hellhound

Number 064 – Fire Lizard:

More appropriately; a salamander?

Number 065 – Fire Gigas:

Clash of the Titans?

Number 066 – Red Dragon:

Awww, a baby ruby Drag-on

Number 067 – Marilith:

She has a fiery temper

Number 068 – White Dragon:

Number Sixty Eight - White Dragon

Number 069 – Winter Wolf:

Reincarnation of my girlfriends not yet dead pet

Number 070 – Mindflayer:

Number Seventy - Mindflayer

Number 071 – Ice Gigas:


Number 072 – Spectre:

He was one of In-spectre Gadgets nemesis's

Number 073 – Remorazz:

"That's Remorazz..."

Number 074 – Dark Wizard:

Number Seventy Four - Dark Wizard

Number 075 – Evil Eye:

What a cheerful floating eye...

Number 076 – Desert Baretta:

Number Seventy Six - Baretta

Number 077 – Sabertooth:

Number Seventy Seven - Sabertooth

Number 078 – Wyvern:

Number Seventy Eight - Wyvern

Number 079 – Wyrm:

Number Seventy Nine - Wyrm

Number 080 – Manticore:

Number Eighty - Manticore

Number 081 – Baretta:

Number Eighty One - Baretta

Number 082 – Basilisk:

Didn't Harry Potter already kill this...?

Number 083 – Allosaurus:

Walking with Dinosaurs...

Number 084 – Weretiger:

How is this scary??

Number 085 – Sand Worm:

Number Eighty Five - Sand Worm

Number 086 – Minotaur Zombie:

One of the fiends to appear at the "Danger Point"

Number 087 – King Mummy:

Some tomb raider woke him up

Number 088 – Medusa:

Any boyfriend she ever had was a stoner...

Number 089 – Rakshasa:

Number Eighty Nine - Rakshasa

Number 090 – Clay Golem:

Man made of delightful

Number 091 – Nightmare:

Who has Nightmares about Mares!

Number 092 – Dragon Zombie:

Phoenix down the buggar...?

Number 093 – Sahagin Prince:

Prince of the Silurians

Number 094 – White Shark:

Great White Shark

Number 095 – Deepeyes:

This is what binging on drink and drugs can do to you...

Number 096 – Sea Snake:

The mythical toilet snake

Number 097 – Sea Scorpion:

Number Ninety Seven - Sea Scorpion

Number 098 – Sea Troll:

This troll has a mild case of the migrainesies

Number 099 – Ghost:

He's convinced this is a halloween special. Bless him...

Number 100 – Water Elemental:

Number One Hundred - Water Elemental

Number 101 – Water Naga:

More of those damned Naga!

Number 102 – Kraken:

Grumpy Marine Life

Number 103 – Tyrannosaur:

Number One Hundred and Three - Tyrannosaur

Number 104 – Black Knight:

A Knight's Tale...the Black Version

Number 105 – Chimera:

Talk about your split personalities...

Number 106 – Guardian:

"A summoner and her guardians...very impressive"

Number 107 – Blue Dragon:

These guys live, oddly enough, in the blue lagoon

Number 108 – Green Dragon:

Number One Hundred and Eight - Green Dragon

Number 109 – Stone Golem:

It's like getting blood from a stone...

Number 110 – Air Elemental:

"'Twisters' are doing it for themselves"

Number 111 – Spirit Naga:

Not a pleasant spirit, to say the least...

Number 112 – Death Knight:

This Knight is a trifle hard of hearing...

Number 113 – Earth Medusa:

Number One Hundred and Thirteen - Earth Medusa

Number 114 – Black Flan:


Number 115 – Soldier:

Number One Hundred and Fifteen - Soldier

Number 116 – Vampire Lord:

Dracula himself...(?)

Number 117 – Dark Fighter:

Does most of his fighting best at night

Number 118 – Death Machine:

The very rather rare Death Machine (appears on the sky fortress bridge just before Tiamat)

Number 119 – Tiamat:

The spell 'Break' can defeat her in one if it hits...

Number 120 – Rhyos:

Number One Hundred and Twenty - Rhyos

Number 121 – Death Eye:

How can an eye kill us? I mean, what's it going to do; blink us to death?

Number 122 – Purple Worm:

Purple is just the best isn't it

Number 123 – Iron Golem:

Yay, Iron Man is here!

Number 124 – Lich:

guarding a stairway in the Final Chaos Shrine...

Number 125 – Marilith:

Another surprise guest is Marilith, she too is guarding a stairway in the final Chaos Shrine (the past)

Number 126 – Kraken:

Like the two Elemental Fiends above, Kraken is there to obstruct your way to the final Boss...

Number 127 – Tiamat:

Don't forget about Tiamat! The set just wouldn't be complete without her...

Number 128 – CHAOS:

The final boss. Mr Chaos himself... good luck to you.

The final boss. Mr Chaos himself… good luck to you.

*** The Following List of Fiends Can Be Found In One Or More of The Four Caverns of Chaos. These Are: The Earthgift Shrine, The Hellfire Chasm, The Lifespring Grotto And The Whisperwind Cove… ***

Number 129 – Echidna:

Echidna is a boss on B5 of the Earthgift Shrine

Echidna is a boss on B5 of the Earthgift Shrine

Number 130 – Cerberus:

Cerberus is another Boss on B5 of the Earthgift Shrine

Cerberus is another Boss on B5 of the Earthgift Shrine

Number 131 – Ahriman:

Ahriman is another Boss found on B5 of the Earthgift Shrine

Ahriman is another Boss found on B5 of the Earthgift Shrine

Number 132 – 2-Headed Dragon:

The 2-Headed Dragon can be fought on B5 of the Earthgift Shrine

The 2-Headed Dragon can be fought on B5 of the Earthgift Shrine

Number 133 – Scarmiglione:

Scarmiglione can be fought on B5 of Hellfire Chasm but defeat him and...

Scarmiglione can be fought on B5 of Hellfire Chasm but defeat him and…

Number 134 – Scarmiglione:

his true form.

He shall become this: his true form.

Number 135 – Cagnazzo:

Cagnazzo is on B5 of Hellfire Chasm. Usually found in the South Room

Cagnazzo is on B5 of Hellfire Chasm. Usually found in the South Room

Number 136 – Barbariccia:

Found on B10 of Hellfire Chasm

Found on B10 of Hellfire Chasm

Number 137 – Rubicante:

The second boss to be located on B10 of Hellfire Chasm

The second boss to be located on B10 of Hellfire Chasm

Number 138 – Gilgamesh:

Lifespring Grotto B5 is where this Boss can be found

Lifespring Grotto B5 is where this Boss can be found

Number 139 – Omega:

Find this Classic Boss in the Lifespring Grotto B20

Find this Classic Boss in the Lifespring Grotto B20

Number 140 – Shinryu:

Once again, this Boss can also be fought on B20 Lifespring Grotto

Once again, this Boss can also be fought on B20 Lifespring Grotto

Number 141 – Atomos:

Lifespring Grotto B10 Located

Lifespring Grotto B10 Located

Number 142 – Typhon:

Introducing Boss on Whisperwind Cove's B10

Introducing Boss on Whisperwind Cove’s 10F

Number 143 – Orthros:

Whisperwind Cove B20 - You may find him there...

Whisperwind Cove 20F – You may find him there…

Number 144 – Phantom Train:

Whisperwind Cove 30F is where you can find Doomtrains Brethren

Whisperwind Cove 30F is where you can find Doomtrains Brethren

Number 145 – Death Gaze:

Find this cheerful chappy on 40F of Whisperwind Cove

Find this cheerful chappy on 40F of Whisperwind Cove

*** Now, after all of that fun and fighting of Bosses, just sit back and relax with the next bunch of fiends – this is it for the Boss list. Chee up, you can smile again! ***

Number 146 – Devil Wizard:

Witchcraft and Wizardry - how enthralling...

Number 147 – Abyss Worm:

Cover your face when you sneeze!

Number 148 – Elm Gigas:

Who's a pretty boy then?

Number 149 – Flare Gigas:

You could see the hatred when his nostrils flared

Number 150 – Unicorn:

That's not a unicorn, that's a horse with a sword on it's head

Number 151 – Yellow Ogre:

Yellow Fever anyone?

Number 152 – Mad Ogre:

He is a tad demented...

Number 153 – Mage Chimera:

One Hundred and Fifty Three - Mage Chimera

Number 154 – Yellow Dragon:

Too many baths in sulphites... tch

Number 155 – Holy Dragon:

HOLY HELL...a dragon!!

Number 156 – Mythril Golem:

Quick, let's kill him, smelt him, and turn him into a mighty sword!

Number 157 – Killer Shark:

Let's kill-er-whale and have a good time

Number 158 – Death Manticore:

Not these buggars again...

Number 159 – Blood Tiger:

Bloody Tiger...

Number 160 – Dark Eye:

Contact lenses can cause an allergic reaction

Number 161 – Bloody Eye:

And you should never play around sharp objects...

Number 162 – Flood Gigas:

I still couldn't figure out why he was crying

Number 163 – Poison Eagle:

Birds of prey have their venomous moments...

Number 164 – Black Goblin:

The dark chocolate of the goblin world

Number 165 – Knocker:

He knocks people out...probably with a goblin punch

Number 166 – Desertpede:

Another one bites the dust...

Number 167 – Gloom Widow:

He has a very gloomy life...

Number 168 – Duel Knight:

I challenge you to a duel sir!

Number 169 – Squidraken:

An octopus in an outfit...?

Number 170 – Pharaoh:

Pharaoh of the underworld

Number 171 – Bonesnatch:

He looks a bit rattled...

Number 172 – Silver Dragon:

Reminds me of a certain scene in Final Fantasy IX

Number 173 – Black Dragon:

Lives on the dark side of the moon

Number 174 – Blue Troll:

He was feeling a little down

Number 175 – Earth Troll:

He lives underground in a cavern

Number 176 – Poison Naga:

This snake bites

Number 177 – Earth Plant:

Terra plantation

Number 178 – Yamatano Orochi:

Viscious ball of evil

Number 179 – Dark Elemental:

Number One Hundred and Seventy Nine - Dark Elemental

Number 180 – Devil Hound:

Mischievous Little -!!

Number 181 – Sekhret:

Number One Hundred and Eighty One - Sekhret

Number 182 – Catoblepas:

Not as ferocious looking as he is in the later titles...

Number 183 – Hundlegs:

This git takes forever to find!

Number 184 – Undergrounder:

He's a enemy of the Burrowers

Number 185 – Death Elemental:

The tazmanian devil perhaps?

Number 186 – Wild Nakk:

Number One Hundred and Eighty Six - Wild Nakk

Number 187 – Dark Wolf:

Number One Hundred and Eighty Seven - Dark Wolf

Number 188 – Rock Gargoyle:

Use a soft on the buggar. Oops, I mean a Gold Needle...

Number 189 – Sahagin Queen:

Number One Hundred and Eighty Nine - Sahagin Queen

Number 190 – Reaper:

Another kid in a halloween costume

Number 191 – Python:

One Hundred and Ninety One - Python

Number 192 – Skuldier:

Skuldier - soldier; how clever is that??

Number 193 – Red Flan:

Strawberry jelly...with a kick

Number 194 – Prototype:

Prototype? of a weapon...??

Number 195 – Revenant:

The last, but never least...

This Bestiary was brought to you by Joe Warner and the infamous Team White Mage. I hope you have enjoyed seeing what all the hassle-filled battles are made up of. If there is anything more you wish to know, contact me or leave a comment.

Contact email is:

Ciao ~ Joe ~

The champs that made up Team WM

The champs that made up Team WM



  1. jim said,

    How do you get the canoe??

    • bob said,

      get it from the 12 sages at crescent lake

  2. Halloween said,

    OMG that is remarkable! I love your work! Guess I am not as contemporaneous as your usual subscribers! I swear I have fallen in love with your blog… Breathtaking writing! You’re an outstanding and talented person, keep up the individuality 🙂

  3. flamsterette said,

    Wow, that’s pretty good! Trying to get #103 now…

    • Andrew said,

      I have only found him at the grassy entrance of the wind tower desert all the way south.

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